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Avery Dennison’s Intelligent Logistics Solutions Optimize Supply Chains

Supply chain management and inventory tracking are made easier than ever with Avery Dennison’s suite of Intelligent Logistics Solutions, designed to drive down costs, grow revenue, streamline operations, and keep ahead of rising consumer expectations.

RAIN RFID inspires new use cases in many industries every day. Few have been as creative as Impinj gold partner Avery Dennison, which has made impressive additions to its range of RFID solutions for use in supply chains.

Avery Dennison is invested in every step of the supply chain, from source to store. With its suite of Intelligent Logistics Solutions — a collection of IoT devices, connected cloud, identification solutions, and services — Avery Dennison delivers seamless efficiency at every step. 

Avery Dennison uses Impinj RAIN RFID readers, Impinj reader chips, and a variety of Impinj RAIN RFID tag chips for packages, labels, and other elements within the Intelligent Logistics Solutions. Companies can use any combination of Avery Dennison’s offerings to bring the power of RAIN RFID to their workflows.

For each step in the supply chain, Avery Dennison’s solution brings a number of benefits to businesses:

  • Fast, accurate, and efficient item tracking: RAIN RFID readers are able to scan 1,000 items per second without direct line-of-sight, providing nearly 100% accuracy in inventory counts without the need to unpack sealed containers
  • Greater supply chain visibility and traceability with real-time tracking
  • Reduced labor costs, as fewer employee hours are spent performing authentication tasks
  • An end to error-prone, manual scanning processes
  • Improved routing and truckload optimization
  • Greater inventory management efficiency

In a distribution center, warehouse, or manufacturing center, a full complement of RAIN RFID readers have the scanning range to cover every inch of space, from floor to ceiling, removing blind spots where counting errors and shrink are most likely to occur.

Special use cases abound in supply chain and logistics, and Avery Dennison has anticipated them all, designing solutions for reading single items, cartons densely packed with things, or pallets stacked with packed cartons. 

RAIN RFID Tunnel Readers
The Avery Dennison In-Line RFID Tunnel is designed to be incorporated into conveyor systems in the retail supply chain for reading cartons and other items that pass through it. RAIN RFID readers can scan 1,000 items per second, so this process can go rather quickly. No package passing through the tunnel needs to be opened for the RAIN RFID reader to make a note of everything inside it.

RFID High-Density Read Chambers
This powerful reader solution was developed to get a quick, accurate check of all items enclosed in difficult-to-read, sealed cartons without the risk of cross-reads from other nearby tagged items. Rugged, damage-resistant High-Density Read Chambers can be mounted on wheels and powered by batteries, so they can easily be moved where needed. These RAIN RFID readers are capable of instant, error-free authentication of complicated pick-pack orders.

RFID Overhead Readers
Overhead RAIN RFID readers are designed to be installed on ceilings, where they provide automatic, accurate reads as cartons and pallets move beneath them. This hands-free use of RAIN RFID saves employees time and promotes greater supply chain visibility.

RFID Undermount Readers
Installed under work tables to save space, these readers are used for instant verification of individually tagged items and can flag items with missing or improper tags.

They work similarly to barcode scanners found in checkout lines, but faster and with more accuracy. They can be used with RFID Tunnels and High-Density Read Chambers for closer inspection when cartons are flagged for possible inaccuracies.


With Avery Dennison’s entire suite of RFID solutions working in concert, supply chains and logistics become more efficient and inventory audits become more manageable.

Learn more about Avery Dennison’s Intelligent Logistics Solutions on the Avery Dennison website. And learn more about RAIN RFID and the Impinj platform.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022


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