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Transforming Supply Chain & Logistics with Smart, Automated IoT Systems

Impinj is bringing the Internet of Things to supply chains for smarter, simpler, more streamlined operations.


Bring IoT to industry supply chains with RAIN RFID

In today’s dynamic world, businesses need to stay agile. Digital transformation brings an advantage for companies that are looking to gain both automation and visibility into their operations. With automated tracking of everything moving in a supply chain, organizations gain a new level of visualization of the systems that run a business. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID, a low-cost, battery-free, wireless technology that extends the IoT to include every thing that supply chain and logistics organizations need to track and manage. Together with our partners, Impinj extends the capabilities of IoT solutions to transform business operations.

Supply chain & logistics solutions
built on the Impinj platform

Shipment Verification

Gain real-time visibility of goods, improve efficiencies, and reduce shipping errors

Supply Chain Automation

Leverage accurate, automated, high-speed systems to enable full visibility and control

Pallet Build Verification

Automate verification to ensure that the right cartons are always on the right pallet

Food Supply Chain Management

Automate traceability for a smarter, safer food system



Automate Shipment Tracking with a New Approach for RAIN RFID at the Dock Door

Things move quickly in a global marketplace. With shipments coming in from around the world, distribution centers and ports need to operate at optimal efficiency to ensure goods get where they’re meant to go. Manual tracking or manual barcode scanning of shipment contents and inbound/outbound shipments can no longer keep pace with the speed of business.

Shipment Verification:
Gain real-time visibility of goods, improve efficiencies, and reduce shipping errors

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Operate at peak efficiency and without unnecessary stops

An automated shipment verification system powered by Impinj tracks shipments at the speed of operations and eliminates the need to stop and check a load for barcodes to scan. Dramatically increase efficiency with an automated system that keeps a team moving at the speed of work. 

Accurately load the right items on the right truck every time

Go from 99 to 100 percent accuracy for next-level operations. Read tags on pallets, cases, or items and alert teams when a shipment is incomplete, contains the wrong items, or is loaded on the wrong truck. Extend verification from staging to loading to eliminate any opportunity for error.

Flexible installation options solve real-world constraints

Choose the installation option that works best for your facility. Install readers in any doorway with options for above, between, or beside doors. Set up your facility with the configuration that works best for your environment, meets project goals, increases safety, and reduces accidents.



Japan Pallet Rental Tracks Pallets with RAIN RFID

Japan Pallet Rental uses RAIN RFID technology to help track and manage assets to run a more cost-effective business. Recognizing the environmental and cost inefficiencies of traditional pallets, Japan Pallet Rental created a network of reusable assets that help companies save money and move goods more effectively. To help track their products, Impinj partner Mighty Card worked with Impinj to develop a custom RAIN RFID solution to track pallets.

Supply Chain Automation:
Leverage accurate, automated, high-speed systems to enable full visibility and control

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Track goods moving across all locations

With end-to-end tracking across beltways and conveyors, operators gain visibility into all parts of a supply chain to know where inventory is located and can see disruptions and slow-downs as they happen. Unlock next-level efficiency and new insights with visibility into every thing moving within and across all locations in your supply chain. 

Streamline and simplify distribution centers

Reading barcodes requires line-of-sight and expensive robots that flip packages to orient them correctly. With a system enabled by Impinj, identify moving items without line-of-sight as they move on conveyors, hand trucks, or forklifts. Operate a smart system that streamlines and simplifies operations and identifies every item correctly, every time. 

Eliminate picking and shipping errors

Backtracking because of errors is not just costly. It reduces trust in the whole system. Prevent packing and shipping errors with instant audits of items prepared for shipping, and eliminate the need to handle items multiple times. Teams work efficiently and customers get what they expect. Eliminating errors and building trust are just two of the many ways an investment in supply chain automation enabled by Impinj pays dividends across an organization. 



Polyplastics Factory Transforms Into Smart Factory

Polyplastics is a leader in the engineering plastics industry with a vision to turn their current factories into smart factories. As global demand for its products grows, the company needed a cost-effective solution that automated tracking of raw materials in its supply chain. Polyplastics turned to Impinj to automate tracking of raw materials in its main Fuji factory.

Pallet Build Verification:
Automate verification to ensure that the right cartons are always on the right pallet

Check for correct loading automatically

Automatically verify the right cartons are always on the right pallet as the pallet is built. When it's right the first time, there's no need to scramble later to track down a missing order.

Eliminate hassle of scanning barcodes

Gain instant, automatic identification of many items, simultaneously—and without direct line-of-sight—for speedy operations. Keep teams moving efficiently and eliminate the need to touch, spin, and flip boxes to find the barcode.

Receive alerts for errors

Identify each box as it’s loaded onto the pallet and automatically compare with the shipping order to get alerts for wrong or missing pallet contents. Let the system do the checking. Eliminate human error and increase accuracy across all operations. 



Improving Supply Chain Visibility with RAIN RFID

One of the most vexing supply chain challenges can be summed up in one word: visibility. Keeping track of shipments can be a costly, inefficient, and error-prone process. The culprit? Antiquated processes like manually scanning items, using paper-based forms, or visually confirming the contents of containers.

Food Supply Chain Management:
Automate traceability for a smarter, safer food system

Improve product safety and recall management

With customer trust an essential component of a brand, there’s no room for error when it comes to safety. Ensure supply chains comply with all safety and regulatory requirements. When an issue arises, enable an immediate and error-free response. 

Keep foods fresh and ensure consistent quality

It’s no small feat to bring every product to market in peak condition. Track and monitor product movement, storage conditions, and temperature of perishable foods to ensure freshness and deliver what customers expect—every time.

Reduce costs and redeploy labor

When investing in a traceability system, consider the impact of a system enabled by Impinj. Efficiencies gained from automatic identification eliminate manual tasks and speed up system access to data. This reduces costly labor—freeing staff to focus on other, higher-value tasks.



In Just Three Months, Reynolds Achieves ROI

Reynolds was losing reusable food crates because customers weren’t returning them. As replacement costs added up, it was clear they needed a simple asset tracking solution. Through a RAIN RFID solution from Impinj and Avery Dennison, Reynolds was able to quickly tell which crates went missing and take actions to get them back.

Product Authentication:
Authenticate product automatically at every stage in supply chain to ensure brand trust

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Protect product value

Grey markets can erode a brand’s standing, lower consumer trust, and devalue products. Ensure the authenticity of your brand to maintain consumer confidence in the value of individual products and uphold the company’s overall reputation. 

Fight counterfeiting

Discourage return fraud and grey-market sellers, and discover how counterfeit goods enter the market. Authentication via RAIN RFID benefits not just consumers and resellers, but the industry overall.

Gain visibility into source and supply

Use the same technology to authenticate your products and track their movement through the supply chain. This assures the authenticity of items while also providing visibility into distribution and supply chain operations.