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Global, Standards-Based IoT and RAIN RFID Technology

Impinj connects everything, enabling people to create a truly boundless IoT.

We see trillions of connectable things

We live in a connected world. Smartphones and other electronic devices share ever-more information over ever-more interconnected radio links, transforming our lives and unlocking unprecedented efficiencies. However, these devices form only a tiny subset of the items in the physical world. Advancements in wireless technology, cloud computing, search, and storage have paved the way for the Internet of Things. Apparel, shoes, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, documents, automotive parts, and food are among the more than a trillion everyday items connectable to the digital world.

Impinj connects everyday items using RAIN RFID, a radio-frequency identification technology we pioneered. We spearheaded development of the RAIN radio standard, lobbied governments to allocate frequency spectrum, and cofounded the RAIN Alliance.

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What is the Internet of Things?

Definitions abound, but ours is about connecting every thing.

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What is a “Thing” in the Internet of Things?

A better question might be, "What isn't?"

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What is RAIN RFID and why is it so useful?

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How can RFID systems be categorized?

Low frequency to ultra-high frequency, passive to active.

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How do RAIN RFID systems work?

What are the main elements that make the technology work?

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What are RFID standards?

Who sets the standards and why are they important?

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Impinj connectivity platform—a foundation for IoT solutions

The Impinj platform lays a foundation for IoT solutions development, extending the Internet’s reach from the cloud, through edge connectivity devices, all the way to physical items. Our broad partner ecosystem uses our platform's best-in-market products, capabilities, and technology to deliver whole products that address business needs. Wirelessly connect everyday items to identify, locate, and protect them. Easy to deploy and use, our platform delivers performance unequaled by mix-and-match approaches built from other vendors’ products.

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