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Impinj Trademarks

This page provides a list of trademarks along with guidelines for using these terms

Follow these guidelines when using Impinj trademarked terms 

  • When using the marks in publications that will be distributed anywhere in the public domain, include the appropriate TM or ® symbol on first use in body copy.
  • Do use an appropriate generic term along with a trademarked term. 
    Example: reader, tag chip are generic terms
  • Do use the Impinj brand name along with all trademarked terms. 
    Example: Impinj® Autotune™ chip technology
  • Do use the Impinj brand name with all product names. 
    Example: Impinj® R700 reader
  • Don’t make trademarked terms into verbs or use as plural or possessive words.
    Example: Don’t use “ItemTested” or “xArray’s”

Impinj Trademark List

  • Autotune™ chip technology
  • Brickyard™ reader antenna
  • Core3D Antenna™
  • Enduro™ chip technology
  • FastID™ chip technology
  • GuardWall™ reader antenna
  • Impinj®
  • Impinj Authenticity™
  • Impinj Connected™
  • Impinj Privacy™
  • Indy® reader chip
  • Integra™ chip technology
  • Item Intelligence™ RFID platform
  • ItemEncode™ software
  • ItemSense® operating system / software
  • ItemTest™ software
  • ItemVerify™ software
  • Monza® tag chip  
  • Octane™ reader firmware
  • QT® chip technology
  • Speedway® reader
  • TagFocus™ chip technology
  • Threshold™ reader antenna
  • True3D™ antenna technology
  • xArray® gateway 
  • xPortal™ gateway 
  • xSpan™ gateway

Updated: September 2022